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Wolf Creek Racing has been involved with Datsun/Nissan race cars since 1986 when their first car was prepared for and raced in SCCA ProRally racing. ProRally occupied the racing from 1986 until 1992. Divisional and National events were contested east of the Mississippi and north of the Mason/Dixon line and into Canada. Todd’s co-driver was his wife, Suzie, and they were ranked Seed Four nationally and Seed One divisionally.  We are located in Westbury on Long Island, New York.

From 1990 until 1997 Northeast Division (NeDiv) Solo I Hillclimb and track events became the norm. The track events so enthralled the driver that he decided road racing was where he wanted to be. A sound starting point was found in a tube frame PL510 that had been formerly campaigned by Peter Mumford of MB racing in Vermont. Peter garnered a National win at Mosport in 1995 with this chassis. The car was purchased as a roller in October of 1997 and the winter project began. First order of business was a drivetrain. Old friend Vinny Bedini of Performance Specialties in New Milford, CT was contracted for the motor. Vinny's company has been building high performance Nissan/Datsun powerplants since 1982. He knows a thing or two about GT4 high RPM preparation. He was also NARRC Champion in GT4 for a couple of years through the late Eighties and early Nineties. Vinny has been invloved with Datsun 510's since about 1972 and has owned an amazing variety of significant and historic Datsun race cars from the likes of Bob Sharp, Paul Newman, Jim Fitzgerald, and Dave Frellsen.  These cars include 510's both PL and HL as well as 200SX and 610's.

We Started by going to school at Pocono Raceway in May 1998.  It was a miserable rainy weekend but we were prepared and made it thru with flying colors.  I could not have done it without help by my good friends John and Carol Hamilton along with Gary Breeback.  They are all racers as well, who I met during my hillclimb years.  John runs a Volvo 544 in vintage and Gary runs a GP Midget in the MARRS series.  They are both very good racers in there own right.  Both John and Gary are kind of responsible for cajoling me into road racing.  Too bad it's not more their fault so they could pay some of the bills!  We try to get together for at least a few race weekends a year and we always have one heck of a time.  Thanks guys.

We got to run two regionals that school weekend and they were both in the rain.  The first day was so bad we actually beat all the GT class cars including GT1 and GT2 as they couldn't get the power down and didn't have rains.  The second day a GT3 BMW found rains and he was the only one to beat us!  The rest as they say is history but not without alot of help and persistence.

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