Customer Gallery - 6 Cylinder Carb Setups

Triple 44's on a Cannon Manifold with custom linkage setup:

trip44can1   trip44can2   trip44can3   trip44can4


Triple 40's on Cannon Manifold with custom linkage setup:

trip40scan1  trip40scan2  trip40scan3  trip40scan4  trip40scan5


Triple 44's on Mikuni Manifold with standard linkage:

trip44smik1     trip44smik2    trip44smik3

trip44smik4     trip44smik5     trip44smik6


Triple 44's on Original Datsun Comp Manifold with Original

Linkage setup.  Perfect and Best for All Out Vintage 

  trip44sscomp1     trip44scomp2     trip44scomp3

trip44scomp5     trip44scomp4     trip44scomp6


Triple 50's on Original Datsun Competition Manifold.

GT2 and Big Bore Vintage setup.  Extremely Rare Manifold.

50stripcomp1   50stripcomp2   50stripcomp3   50stripcomp4

50stripcomp5   50stripcomp6   50stripcomp7   50stripcomp8

50stripcomp9   50stripcomp10   50stripcomp11   50stripcomp12



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