Vintage Suzie when she was
just a lowly Pro Rally Co-driver

Suzie Walrich's
Life In The Other Lane

A collection of columns appearing
in AutoSport EXPRESS
January 1987 to October 1990


From 1986 through 1990 Suzie wrote a semi-regular column for Neil Kizner’s AutoSport EXPRESS,  a regional newsletter that heralded local rallying, autocross and SCCA sponsored events of every ilk.  Never being inclined to take direction, even from the editor, Suzie’s topics ranged from racing politics to the soup du jour to unsolicited opinions on whatever struck her fancy.  We think you will find them irreverent, self-effacing and occasionally funny.  As you peruse these offerings please read them in the spirit they were written – in the moment and with respect for the usual suspects.


Life in the Other Lane

What they are saying about Suzie Walrich and Life In The Other Lane

... I am still blushing over your column!  You are no slouch in the writin' bidness yourself ...  -- Satch

... Now she's really done it!!  ... I cannot let another moment pass without her penning her phrases.  Autoweek has their Satch.  We have our Suzie.  Looks like a draw to me.  -- Don Hagen

... What is a TH??? -- from a multitude of readers

... It was early 1987 at a meeting of the MG Car Club out on Long Island that Ray McCann, long an outstanding columnist for "The EXPRESS," told me that he had encouraged Suzie Walrich to start writing for me.  He assured me that she had, "a unique way of looking at things."  Over the pas four years one of the best things about being the editor of the newsletter was that, other than TH, I was the first person to read the latest installment from Suzie.  Here they are, 38 columns plus four, never previously reprinted, articles from one of the most imaginative minds ever produced by Long Island rallying.

Neil Kizner
Editor, AutoSport EXPRESS

The columns were scanned from the early pages and saved in PDF format.  Enjoy!






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