About our Carbs

We are the North American Distributor for Mikuni PHH carbs and parts.  We ship worldwide.  If you don't see what you need, drop us a line and ask.  We are a stocking distributor for 40mm, 44mm, and even the 50mm PHH automotive sidedraft carbs. 

All carb listings are pairs unless otherwise noted - Triples can be setup for Z-cars by request.  See our custom carb and manifold gallery where the carbs are completely rebuilt, custom jetted and venturied to your application, mounted with refurbished insulators w/new o-rings.  Ready to bolt on and go.  Complete packages include 2 extra sets of jets and a copy of the Mikuni Tuning and Maintenance manual .

50mm Race Carbs

50mm Race Carbs

A Pair of refurbed /Rebuilt 50's, (no linkage, no air horns but are available as extras) ..........................SOLD

 50srefurb2   50srefurb3   50srefurb1   50srefurb4

50mm Setups


The ultimate race setup, especially for vintage (air horns additional)..............................SOLD

50striple4   50striple5   50striple2    50striple3    50striple1

50mmIntakeA    50mmIntakeB    50mmIntakeC    50mmIntakeD


Refurbed carbs , insulators, OEM Style Refurbed Linkage setup (air horns included)

The ultimate race setup, especially for vintage…...................SOLD

dual50sB     dual50sC     dual50sA



44mm Carbs

44mm Carbs





44 Mikuni NOS Carbs - Matched Pair

New Old Stock, never used, never had gas in them.  With standard side linkage and fuel inlet pipes,

Airhorns not included but available.................................................SOLD

44newA   44newC   44newE


44mm Mikuni's Pair - Completely rebuilt

excellent shape, ready to go, no linkage, no air horns but in stock and available....................................$ 925.00 None Available

44mm Mikuni's Pair- competition prepared

completely rebuilt, comp jetted - excellent shape, ready to go...no air horns or linkage but available.........$ 1050.00 None Available

44mm setups

 Competition Prepared 44 Mikuni's DOUBLES on long runner ORIGINAL Gerolamy Datsun Comp Manifold

with insulators & horns, New jets, jet blocks, Comp Jetted et al for 4 Cyl L-Series motors........$ 1675.00 None Available
im001164 im001166 im001168


U20 Roadster setup with Refurbed Mikuni/ Solex 44's on Roadster manifold

Ready to bolt on and go.   OEM 50mm horns.  OEM refurbed linkage, cable standoff, Insulators on a completely refurbed Manifold and water tube.  

This setup is 100% Datsun Roadster stuff!! Make that Roadster restoration 100 point!  None Available
roadnew1 roadnew2 roadnew3 roadnew4 roadnew5 roadnew6 roadnew7


40mm Carbs

40mm CARBS


40mm Mikuni's -

Completely rebuilt, excellent shape, ready to go, no linkage, no air horns but in stock and available.................$ 775.00 None Available



2 BRAND NEW OLD STOCK 40mm CARBS w/std side linkage..................................$1200 None Available

40snew1     40snew2     40snew3


4 Cylinder Datsun Manifolds

4 Cylinder Datsun Manifolds


Z20/Z22/Z24 Dual Sidedraft manifolds, Brand new, unused, no linkage...........$300 None Available


Mikuni 4 cylinder L-series w/Linkage...........................................................SOLD 

Cannon Style long runner L-series w/linkage................................................$325 None Available








6 Cylinder Datsun Manifolds

6 Cylinder Datsun Manifolds

None available right now


Mikuni Carb Parts


We are the North American Distributor for Mikuni PHH carbs and parts.  We ship worldwide.                                                               Mikuni Carb Parts and Accessories

If you don't see what you need, drop us a line and ask.

We are stocking distributor for 40mm, 44mm, and even the 50mm PHH automotive sidedraft carbs.  

Virtually every part is in stock.  Let us know your needs.


We have all the Gaskets and Needle/Seats & Floats for 50mm carbs - in stock!!!

We also do competition prep to Mikuni carbs and Nissan Motorsports insulators.  Ask for details.

Examples: 40mm  Carbs 44mm  Carbs         50mm Carbs
  30mm Venturis
32mm Venturis
34mm Venturis
36mm  Venturis

34mm Venturis        38mm Venturis
37mm Venturis        41mm Venturis
39mm Venturis        43mm Venturis
40mm Venturis
41mm Venturis       

44mm carb venturis are OEM stock pieces @ $22 each, $88/set of 4

50mm Carb Venturis are custom WCR Billet units @ $125/set of 4                                                                                                         (can also be opened up to 39, 40, 42, 44, 45 size @ additional cost)


Mikuni Carb Diagrams, Parts, & Gasket Lists

Main Fuel Jets and Air Jets are $ 4.00 /ea

Pilot (Idle) Jets are $ 4.00/ea

Pump Jets are $ 6.00/ea

Needle valves for both 40's and 44's -  1.8 size and 2.0 size are $ 25 /ea    S4 & Type Q are $30/ea

Accel Pump Diaphragms are $25 ea


Full Radius custom TWM 50mm Carb air horns - INQUIRE 


Jet Blocks are $ 24/ea

K&N Style cleanable element filters in Chrome Housing...1 3/4" tall  $38 ea, - 3 1/2" tall  $45 ea (will not allow airhorns underneath)

Copy of the Mikuni Service Manual - Maintenance and tuning, doesn't get any more in depth than this!........$ 10.00

MIKUNI FACTORY REBUILD GASKET KITS FOR 40's or 44's are $30/carb.  Kits do not include pump diaphragms or needle/seats.

MASTER REBUILD KITS include pump diaphragms and needle/seats.  $75 per carb for 40's & 44's


To place an order for carb parts, email us with the TYPE and SIZE carb based on the info on our Carb ID page.  Then tell us the ITEM# and quantity of the parts you want.  Tell us your Zip code or shipping.  We will then send you by email a detailed payment invoice for secure online use with CC or Paypal.  Thanks much.



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A few notes about our Classifieds

This is the latest, greatest update to the classifieds page.  We have many more parts available than in the past.  Most of what we are offering are  Hard-Core Racing Parts.  We only sell parts that are in good useable condition.  In many cases, we obtain these specifically for selling on this page, in other cases, these are parts we no longer use ourselves.  IN ALL CASES, we check the parts and offer them for sale as shown.  We try to represent them in their actual condition and try to offer pix wherever possible.  In almost all cases, the prices shown are almost exactly half of the original MSRP of the parts.  We feel this is extremely fair for parts in good to excellent condition.  Parts that are a little further past their prime are priced accordingly.  In all cases, I may be willing to dicker if WE feel the price will be mutually acceptable.  It doesn't hurt to ask.

This page will be updated at least monthly so e-mail if you see anything you are interested in.  We accept CREDIT CARDS, Paypal , MO and personal checks.  I ship immediately on CC, Paypal and MO's.  Personal checks take 10 days to clear.  I can ship anywhere via UPS ground.  Shipping charges are extra.  A note about Paypal ; Paypal has fees associated with the use of their service.  These fees amount to about 3% of the transaction.  You, the customer, does not pay these fees, I do as the merchant accepting the transaction, credit card or cash.  I will accept and pay the fees up to $200.  Over that amount, the 3% must be added to all purchases.  Your satisfaction is our guarantee.  If you are not happy with something, return it for refund minus 15% restocking charge & shipping charges.

Don't forget to check out the Carb & Manifold section.  We offer for sale new & rebuilt Mikuni carbs and parts.  Most all manifolds are going to be Datsun /Nissan related.  We have setups for both 4 & 6 cylinder L-series cars.  We also do rebuilds and competition modifications to your Mikuni Carbs .  Ask us for a quote.