Motors & Blocks

L20B Rebello GT3 engine w/FIA head

complete, no carbs, Carrillos & J&E's, 13.5:1, dry sump, crank trigger w/10hrs...........SOLD


L16 GT4/GTL Long Rod Rebello Short Block

w/L20B Length Carrillo rods and SCAT BILLET CRANK, knife edged, balanced, cryo-treated,

polished w/J&E pistons, 14.2:1, spare Rods available, Brand New assembly, Dyno time only.......SOLD





Brand New NOS V912 4 Cylinder Head:    11041-V9182  Nissan Motorsports High Compression, SSS, small chambered head.  

Brand new, untouched head with cam towers, no valves or springs.  42mm Intake & 35mm Exhaust seats.  

New Retail $884.75.................................................offered @  Sold

v912a   V912newA   V912newB   V912newC


Cams, Rockers & Spring Retainers

4 Cylinder L-Series Cam


none at this time



6 Cylinder L-Series Cams


 none at this time




Tilton & Datsun Competition(Nissan Motorsports)

for 4 & 6 Cylinder L-series


Kameari Light Weight Chromoly Valve Spring Retainers

L24, L26, L28  Set for 6 cylinder, Standard OEM offset...............$180 Not Available





Tilton - Black Alum Retainer .200" min lash pad - 6 pieces only.......$7 ea Not Available

retblacka     retblackb



Tilton - Red Alum Retainer .120" min lash pad - 6 pieces only.......$7 ea Not Available

retreda     retredb




99996-M1150 Purple Alum Retainer for tall lash pads from .240" to .340"

and Nissan competition valve springs with a 1.34" OD.  Isky springs wll also work.

6 pieces only, $7 each Not Available

retpurplea     retpurpleb





Tilton - TITANIUM  Retainer .225" min lash pad

7 pieces only     $125/set of 7 Not Available

rettitaniuma     rettitaniumb




NOS Brand New, unused Factory Nissan Rockers.  These rockers have been Cryo-treated and REM Finished for the ultimate in new factory stuff for that performance build and cam............SORRY, ALL SOLD OUT. (1st pic is before treatment)

OEMrockers1   oemrockers3   oemrockers4   oermrockers5





Cranks & Rods



in Nissan Box, Perfect, Fully Counterweighted, Original List @ $786.00 ......12200-A8700...........SOLD


l18crankA     l18crankB





Many various good used L16 blocks, cranks, front covers, cam tower sets, timing spindles and gears

None available at this time.  Generally:  L16 Blocks $400    L16 Cranks  $450


Engine Miscellaneous

 Shorty 4 Cylinder L-series Header w/Collector & gasket.................................$269. Not Available


External Oil Pressure adjusters for L-series motors

Bolt on and go in less than 5 minutes, no more fooling with springs and shims,
Set any pressure you want, set and forget. .............................................$ 40. Not Available

oiladjuster2     oiladjuster1

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A few notes about our Classifieds

This is the latest, greatest update to the classifieds page.  We have many more parts available than in the past.  Most of what we are offering are  Hard-Core Racing Parts.  We only sell parts that are in good useable condition.  In many cases, we obtain these specifically for selling on this page, in other cases, these are parts we no longer use ourselves.  IN ALL CASES, we check the parts and offer them for sale as shown.  We try to represent them in their actual condition and try to offer pix wherever possible.  In almost all cases, the prices shown are almost exactly half of the original MSRP of the parts.  We feel this is extremely fair for parts in good to excellent condition.  Parts that are a little further past their prime are priced accordingly.  In all cases, I may be willing to dicker if WE feel the price will be mutually acceptable.  It doesn't hurt to ask.

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Don't forget to check out the Carb & Manifold section.  We offer for sale new & rebuilt Mikuni carbs and parts.  Most all manifolds are going to be Datsun /Nissan related.  We have setups for both 4 & 6 cylinder L-series cars.  We also do rebuilds and competition modifications to your Mikuni Carbs .  Ask us for a quote.